JD Prendergast | Credentials & Certificates · 509.255.3858 · Spokane-Coeur d'Alene · Professional Washington State Licenses | Doing business as Crann Bethadh, J. Douglas Prendergast is licensed to conduct business in Washington State including business licenses for the cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley. He also possesses professional licenses as a Notary Public and as a Cosmetologist. JD Prendergast is certified by the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs as a VOB or Veteran-Owned Business.
J. Douglas Prendergast
    Credentials and Certificates    
Celebrant J. Douglas Prendergast  
🗸︎ Certified Veteran-Owned Business by Washington Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  🗸︎ Licensed for business in Washington State, Spokane & Spokane Valley
  🗸︎ Professionally licensed since 2014
  🗸︎ Commissioned Notary Public since 2015
  🗸︎ Certified Civil Celebrant since 2018

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