JD Prendergast | Civil Funeral Celebrant · 509.255.3858 · Spokane-Coeur d'Alene · Celebration of Life & Memorial Ceremony | J Douglas Prendergast is a Celebrant conducting religious and civil ceremonies including funerals. Doug serves all persons regardless of faith or religious affiliation. Religious or non-religious tones are all based on your comfort level and he is happy to honor any special requests that you may have. Please contact him if you are in need of information, guidance and assistance.
J. Douglas Prendergast
         Civil Funeral Celebrant         
Celebrant J. Douglas Prendergast  
◦︎ Personalized ‘Celebration of Life’ service
  ◦︎ Ensure specific funeral wishes are carried out
  ◦︎ Religious, semi-religious, non-religious or spiritual funeral
  ◦︎ Planning and arranging for a meaningful service
  ◦︎ Create the eulogy & provide an opportunity to say goodbye

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