JD Prendergast | Independent Ordained Chaplain · 509.255.3858 · Spokane-Coeur d'Alene · Nondenominational Civil Celebrant | Chaplain services specializing in Divine Astrology (Astropsychology) and Astrotarot as taught by Dr. Louis Turi based on the work of 16th-century French astrologer and physician Michel de Nostredame, known today as Nostradamus. Other services include The Work as taught by Byron Katie as well as other delicate subjects such as paranormal investigation and more. All services are confidential.
J. Douglas Prendergast
Independent Ordained Chaplain
Celebrant J. Douglas Prendergast  
•︎ Serving all persons regardless of faith or affiliation
  •︎ Specializing in creating ceremonies tailored to your preferences
  •︎ Confidential spiritual guidance and counseling
  •︎ Offering astropsychological consulting
  •︎ Spiritual research and investigation for those in need

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